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Pretty Good!

JP - 08/05/2017

I didn't expect much from the cheapest set of Shinai, but to my surprise, they are the best quality I've ever got my hands on! The shipping costs were high though (Items : 50$CND + Shipping : 30$CND + Taxes : 10$CND = Total 90$CND for 2 Shinai). It isn't mentioned but the Tsuba (guards) are included, which is nice (Other sites may charge extra for them).

Great value and quality for the price

gator99991 - 17/11/2016

I will be ordering for my students exclusively, they are well balanced, have good quality parts and the bamboo is of good quality. I will be posting a YouTube review later so someone can see what they are buying with confidence.

Good Buy

M. Castellani - 30/04/2015

It is an excellent buy at that price for any shinai, especially an entry level. The balance and weighting is better then one would expect for a basic shinai. I would recommend it for someone just starting out nge (a return to basics as such).

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