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High Quality Roller Bag (3 Uses)
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Heavy Utility Roller Bogu bag. The bag can be converted to: Roller Bag, Handheld, and Back pack. Addtional slots outside for Accessories and side slot for water bottle. 

List Price: CAD$ 107.00
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Price: CAD$ 95.00
70.77 USD 63.26 EUR
[Combo Set] Premium Backpack Style Bogubag and Shinai Bag
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List Price: CAD$ 97.00
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Price: CAD$ 87.00
64.81 USD 57.94 EUR

Premium Backpack Style Bogubag
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List Price: CAD$ 75.00
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Price: CAD$ 62.00
46.19 USD 41.29 EUR
Heavy duty multi-purpose Bogubag
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List Price: CAD$ 78.00
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Price: CAD$ 59.00
43.95 USD 39.29 EUR
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Small-Mid Size High Quality Nylon Bogubag (Black)
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Strong Nylon Bogu bag made with strong material. Has side and front pocket for accessories. Ideal for women, children and small sized Bogu.

List Price: CAD$ 42.00
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Price: CAD$ 37.00
27.56 USD 24.64 EUR
Traditional Fabric Drawstring Bogu Bag
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Strong traditional Japanese fabric drawstring Bogu bag. 

List Price: CAD$ 38.00
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Price: CAD$ 29.00
21.60 USD 19.31 EUR