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Practice Iaido Gi and Hakama Set (4 Pcs)
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List Price: CAD$ 140.00
You save CAD$ 45.00
Price: CAD$ 95.00
72.91 USD 64.70 EUR
Practice Iaido Gi (Outside and Inside 2Pcs)
Free Shipping Canada/US.

This Iaido set only includes the White Inside and Black outside Gi.

List Price: CAD$ 80.00
You save CAD$ 15.00
Price: CAD$ 65.00
49.88 USD 44.27 EUR

Practice Iaido Obi
Free Shipping Canada/US.

Black Iaido Obi

List Price: CAD$ 10.00
You save CAD$ 0.00
Price: CAD$ 10.00
7.67 USD 6.81 EUR