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[Korean Cow Leather] 3mm Deluxe Bogu Set (In Stock)

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All Korean cow leather, Aluminum Men Gane (grill), 50-Pon Yamato Do

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Stitching Density (mm): 3mm
Men-Gane:  14 Bars Duraluminum
Men-Fabric: #8800 Japan imported natural dyed indigo cotton. Korean Suede corner and edge bindings
Men-Forehead Buton: Korean cow leather
Men-Tsuki-Dare Design: 5 Lines across
Kote-Fabric: #8800 natural dyed indigo cotton, imported form Japan
Kote-Gashira: Korean cow leather. Single Kera 
Kote-Palm: Light brown Japanese deer leather
Kote-Stuffing: Deer Hair
Do-Dai: 50 strips black Yamato Do (Imitation Bamboo)
Do-Mune: Korean Cow hide Mune with design (Black dots on Black under-color)
Tare-Fabric: #8800 natural dyed indigo cotton with Korean Suede corner and edges, imported form Japan
Tare-Design: Six lines across each pad
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* All himo(s) and Tenugui included.

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