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[Japanese Deer Leather] 2mm Premium Bogu Set (In Stock)

Premium quality 2mm machines stitched Bogu. Entire Bogu set is made with Japanese deer skin leather and premium quality fabric. High light of this Bogu set includes: Titanium Men Gane (grill), Pop-out hand stitched leather decorative parts, double Kote Joints (Kera).

List Price: CAD$1062.00

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697.18 USD 574.89 EUR
[Korean Cow Leather] 3mm Deluxe Bogu Set (In Stock)

All Korean cow leather, Aluminum Men Gane (grill), 50-Pon Yamato Do

List Price: CAD$880.00

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547.50 USD 451.47 EUR
[Clarino Leather] 3MM Deluxe Bogu Set (In Stock)
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All Clarino Leather binding, decoration and protection, Aluminum Men Gane (grill), 50-Pon Yamato Do.

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List Price: CAD$550.00

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378.13 USD 311.81 EUR
[Orizashi / Clarino] High Quality 6MM Machine Stitched Bogu Set (In Stock)

Hightlights: Orizashi (Reinforced Fabric) / Clarino Leather, Aluminum Men Gane (grill), 4mm Stitching, 2 legs embroidery Yamato Do.

NOW FREE UPGRADE TO 4mm stitching!

List Price: CAD$440.00

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303.29 USD 250.10 EUR
[Orizashi / Clarino Leather] 7MM Junior Bogu Set

All Clarino Leather binding. Orizashi decoration and protection, Aluminum Men Gane (grill), Synthetic Fibre Junior Do.

List Price: CAD$390.00

You save CAD$75.00
248.15 USD 204.62 EUR